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Loretta from Seattle, WA:

"I get migraines sometimes in the middle of the night. I now use 4 relief and it has helped me with my migraines. I apply just a small amount around the temples and forehead. I then rub it in and within a few minutes my head ache is gone."

Jeff Hartman from Arlington, WA:

"This stuff really works. At age 46, I'm beginning to feel the effects of a lifetime of hard, physical labor, mostly in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Both wrists have bothered me a lot in the last year and have showed all the signs of carpal tunnel. Hoping to avoid surgery, I've been looking for something out there that could alleviate the pain and maybe even restore full motion. A buddy told me about 4Releaf and how it worked for him. After finding the product, I tried it on my right wrist only, since my right wrist hurt more than my left. I thought it was a simple test I could do to prove whether or not the product worked - and it did. I rubbed in a dime sized amount on both the top and bottom of my wrist and up the back of my hand. Within a week, I could feel relief, and within two weeks I had full range of motion in my hand and wrist. My left wrist never changed and continued to hurt the same. After 4 weeks, I was thoroughly convinced and now use 4Releaf on my left wrist and other problem areas where I have pain and discomfort. It works, the price is right, and it also smells good."

4 bottles of 4Releaf Therapy Crème

4Releaf is a Division of Lanz International Laboratories, Inc. - Arlington, WA 98223 USA

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