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A family owned business since 1983

The parent company...

Lanz International Laboratories, Inc. formulates and manufactures
skin and hair care products for the wholesale/retail industry.

Howard Lanz is an invited member in good standing of The Society of Cosmetic Chemists …since 1985. He has been devoted to developing
skin & hair care products for 50 plus years.
His son, Ladd Lanz joined the family business 28 years ago.

Combining their vast cosmetic chemistry knowledge, they formulate and produce new and exciting products using the latest
in natural skin & hair care technology.

Together, they have over 78 years of experience in developing
creams, lotions and hair care products.

This is the level of expertise our skin and hair deserve.

For 31 years, this company has focused on the private label business ...developing product for customers who put their label on their own packaging and do their own marketing.

Now, after years of experience, with professional expertise, they introduce to the wholesale and retail market...

4Releaf Therapy Crème

99% natural … just a little greener

Expect more products to be introduced soon.

Every batch of 4Releaf Therapy Crème is tested at Analytical 360,
a safety-certified state-of-the-art testing facility in Seattle, WA
4Releaf Therapy Crème’s testing results are posted on line at www.analytical360.com
4 bottles of 4Releaf Therapy Crème

4Releaf is a Division of Lanz International Laboratories, Inc. - Arlington, WA 98223 USA

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